Seats & Solder is the baby of Bristol born and based designer Hannah Frances Wozniak.

Hannah began her path in furnishings and interiors revamping unique pieces in her own home and utilising different textures, furnishings and light to create eye catching spaces that would set the required tone and mood of a room.

It wasn't long before what started as a hobby and creative outlet from a 9 to 5 office job led to a passionate business and new creative way of life. After completing years of professional training Seats & Solder was born.

Hannah prides herself on being able to work with a client from initial concept right the way through to design and completion. With the ability to tailor designs to suit every taste and offering a huge array of unique vibrant one of a kind fabrics and wall coverings. 


In the single use, fast fashion world that we live in it has become more important than ever to be conscious of the impact that our actions have on the environment - this includes the way in which we choose to adorn and dress our homes.

Please do ask us about the hundreds of natural fibre fabrics we can offer and remember the good that you are doing by choosing to revamp and reuse an existing piece rather than sending it to landfill.

Not only does cheaply made mass produced furniture not last in the long run but it's production is destroying some of the world's biggest rainforests.



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